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To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
-Henry David Thoreau, Where I Live-

Rafa Prada

Guest lecturer at LCC, Middlesex and UCL London & Designer among others.
Lives and works in London (CV under request)
+ 0044 (0) 7907294709


+ Industry Mentoring Scheme at London College of Communication (UAL), 2020 mentor.

+ Hey Hey Hey! approaches to the city is a collection of critical essays, a choreography as an initiator of ideas evolved through experiences which match on what is possible, what is political and what is illusion in site-specific editorial projects #0 #8

+ Salon Flux is an artist run organization based in London.Throughout three different schemes (SF Events, the Open House and Publishing & Archive) Salon Flux aims to offer a platform for artists to show and share their works and to inquire, debate and exchange conceptual grounds related to their practice.


+ The Book (Salon Flux).

+ Things presented to the mind.

+ Nuevos Museos: Diez cambios imprescindibles.

+ Eroberunguen.

+ Madeleine.

+ Godard eta Katuak.